Welcome to BabyMatch™ – RFID Tags & Tracking Readers in South Africa

BabyMatch™ is the most comprehensive security system for protecting infants in maternity wards. BabyMatch™ immediately notifies in cases of abduction, mismatch and swapping events.

In a bid to comfort mothers and hospital staff, BabyMatch™ set out to protect infants through sophisticated and safe baby and mother tags that provide an efficient deterrent against potential security threats. No other solution to date manages infants’ whereabouts and pairing with parents so extensively.

Welcome to BabyMatch™

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RFID TagsAt Baby Match we provide successful methods of monitoring the location of babies in maternity wards. We use RFID tags to ensure babies are protected from any potential abductions or identification mismatches. RFID tags (or radio-frequency identification tags) are tagging devices that operate using electromagnetic fields to pinpoint the exact location of something. They are often used in supermarkets and other commercial stores as security against the theft of valuable items such as electronic goods or top-branded clothing. This tagging system is far more advanced than the typical barcode system that is used to identify items. Unlike barcodes RFID tags do not need to be in sight of the reader to function and can identify an object, in our case your baby, several metres away. This tracking system uses IRFID signals that transmit to a reader that can usually be installed on the ceiling of a room. The signals then use an NT server to be processed.

At Baby Match we specialize in using this technology to ensure a child can easily be matched to their mother, tagging both the mother and the baby at birth. It’s easy when a child is newly born to mistake someone else’s for your own, but with our RFID chips you can easily identify your baby simply by pressing a button on your tag. It’s a foolproof method of ensuring you don’t face the embarrassment of picking up the wrong child. The tags also act as a good deterrent to anyone considering kidnapping your child, as any potential criminals can see the baby can be tracked easily.

RFID Readers

RFID ReadersAt Baby Match we understand that our tracking systems are dealing with actual human beings rather than packaged supermarket goods. That’s why accuracy is imperative, so we only use the very best RFID technology. Although methods of human tracking were much debated when developer Destron Fearing first begun using verichip technology, we assure all our Baby Match customers that our tracking system is perfectly safe to use and has many benefits. For example, our RFID system is so advanced it can be customized to have other visual or audio alarms connected to it, so you can set-up a bigger signal for yourself to respond to if desired. The tags are also designed to be user-friendly and so are lightweight and water-resistant, allowing you to move freely and unhindered by the tags presence. This design also enables the tags to be cleaned and sterilized easily, ensuring they are kept in top condition. Also, highly accurate management tools are available to view the any historical data or statistics you wish to see, meaning you can check up on any frequent patterns that occur in your alerts. Our RFID systems are also fitted with automatic baby counters that are fantastic news for hospitals who now don’t have to allocate time to staff to do checks manually. This means hospital staff can focus on taking care of individual’s health which can prove vital. We are convinced that with RFID readers attached to the roof of the room ultimate protection for the child can be accomplished with many benefits that reassure you of their safety.

RFID Tracking Labels

RFID Tracking LabelsThere are many tracking problems that can now be solved by companies using RFID solutions in South Africa. However, we feel at Baby Match that our established use for RFID tracking labels is one of the most important as it deals with the protection of human life. The other great fact about our products is that you don’t actually need that much in terms of system requirements to begin to use our baby protection methods.

The Baby Match main monitor requires a computer with a Pentium 3 processor or higher, with at least 128 megabytes of RAM. For optimum use of our system we actually recommend computers with 256 megabytes of RAM. You’ll need a Windows NT 4.0 Server and a version of Internet Explorer that is the 5.0 version or above. Both computers that will serve as your main monitor and your local monitor will require you to have 10/100 Base T Ethernet Network Interface cards to ensure that the programs connection runs successfully.

We also make the assumption that your computers have fully functional CD ROM drives for software installation, along with working audio cards and speakers. You’ll need to install the ELPAS Baby Manager software on both computers that will be your main monitor and your local monitor. The manager feature also requires Inter Explorer 5.0 or later to run and will require a computer that it has TCP/IP Internet access to the computer that is acting as your Baby Match main monitor. Providing that your computers meet these requirements your Baby Match software should run correctly.